Why not take advantage of that extra space in your backyard and create a liveable entertaining area, play area for the children or just to have the extra security in your outdoor living area.

Opal offers many types of enclosures and they are designed to meet your varied budget needs.

Screen mesh with Colorbond daddo walls, insulated walls and ceilings to offer better climate control, glass windows and doors for security, all these options are available individually or combined, the design impacts are endless.

Our design consultants will advise you on the many solutions available to meet your construction and design needs.

Paradise Room

The Paradise room offers all the benefits of a glass enclosure with the fresh air benefits of a screened enclosure.

Ventilation is available by simply adjusting the sashes up or down without compromising the excellent protection from unwanted bugs and insects with the use of the insect screen on the outside.

Floor-to-ceiling windows offer maximum views.

Instead of glass the Paradise Room windows are formed from high strength polymer film which is held firmly in a frame of extruded aluminium.

Safety is unsurpassed as the polymer film won’t shatter under impact – in fact it will just bounce back! This makes it extremely safe for children or when those unexpected knocks occur.

The Paradise room offers that spacious living feeling and is designed to blend with any architectural style, offering stunning results with the attention to detail taken to enhance your home and living.