Roof Styles

There are several different standard architectural styles available for roofs including –


Smooth uncluttered lines of the traditional flat roof. Available attached to the home or used for free-standing structures.

The flat roof can be combined with many of the other styles to produce a unique custom design.


Typically, the curved roof can span about 6.6 metres in clearspan or Multispan forms – it can be effectively combined with other styles such as a flat roof, to give a unique custom design.


The gable is available attached to the home or for a free-standing structure.

It can be effectively combined with other styles such as a flat roof, to give a unique custom design.

Available in Clearspan or Multispan styles.

Hip End

This style will add a traditional flavour to you structure, or can be used to match building with an existing hip and style.

The hip end style can be added to both ends of a gable roof.

Gazebo End

This style has been designed to add a ‘finishing touch’ to any structure and works extremely well with a bay window.

Sun Roof

The rotating louves of a sun roof can be adjusted for different weather conditions or sun-and-shadow control.

Can include a rain-sensor to close the louvres automatically.

Traditional Gable

Heritage style to match with a pitched roof in spans up to 8.4 metres

Dutch Gable

Similar to the Traditional gable but with an additional design feature for that little difference.


Available as attached form or free standing, with extensive span widths up to 8 metres.

Shade Blade

Designed to attach to the Pergola style, providing fixed angled blades for light and breeze control.

Can also be used vertically for privacy screening.

Once you have decided on what style of roof you would like, you can then look at the material options available.


A Colorbond roof is best suited if you require cool shade. Colorbond offers a clean smooth underside that has a ceiling like finish. It can span up to 4.5 metres allowing support beans to be placed well apart for a clean uncluttered finish.

Find out more about Colorbond, click here.


Filtered Light

If you want to let in some natural light there are many options available including polycarbonate, fibreglass and multi shell polycarbonate. All these different types of materials are available in many profiles offering a varied aspect in design and versatility.


Compact Polycarbonate

If you are looking for a glass like finish, then Compact Polycarbonate is a wonderful option. This type of material can be layed flat or curved giving you can even diffusion of natural light producing a rich look similar to glass.

Read more about Polycarbonate by clicking here.