Opening Electric Roof

An amazingly flexible product, that provides total control of sun, shade and light, as well as providing ventilation and rain protection. At the touch of a button, the louvers rotate through almost 180 degrees so you can catch the sun, shield the wind or create the shade as you like, before closing for privacy and rain protection.

Opal’s supreme buying power enables us to offer you our customer, the best designs and manufacturers in Australia.


The Eclipse can be built as a patio or commercial awning, as a roof for glassed or screened enclosures or to cover a swimming pool. It can be installed flat, pitched, curved, angular, or used vertically as a privacy screen.

The Eclipse offers Heat control without compromising on ventilation, offering slim louvers that can be positioned to catch the sun’s natural warmth into rooms or block direct sunlight to protect you from unwanted heat.

The Eclipse has a uniquely designed louver that provides complete overlap and maximum protection against rain. The louvers rotate from sealed shut to almost 180 degrees by use of a small 12 volt DC motor. The motor is powered by either a solar charged battery or a transformer. Multiple switches can be provided to allow control from different rooms or locations. Hand held remote controls are available as well as automatic rain sensors.

The eclipse is a wonderful option for those who live in coastal areas as the blades are aluminium and the frame is available in aluminium or Colorbond.

Sun Louvre

This new louver has been designed to complement the Eclipse louver range and add a new dimension of style to offices and homes alike.

The Sun Louvre is great in vertical or horizontal arrangements to create window awnings, privacy screens, wind and sun blocks. It can also be designed as a roof shade structure.

The Sun Louvre is not designed to be a water tight product but as the name suggests it is instead a shade system built vertically or horizontally with opening or fixed louvers capable of almost limitless designs.

Stratco Outback Sunroof

Control the weather with the innovative Stratco Outback Sunroof. It’s electrically controlled louvers can be opened and closed to your desired position. Let the breeze and sunlight in when the weather is fine; and provide protection when the clouds set in.

By adjusting the rotating louvers with the hand held remote, the level of sunlight and weather shielding can be controlled. The system has an inbuilt rain sensor that will automatically close the blades if rain is detected. When the louvers are completely shut they form an interlocking profile that protects from the weather.

The Stratco Outback Sunroof can cover openings of up to 3.9metrea thanks to its strong, well engineered blades. The pre-painted steel blades have a unique foam insert that makes them very rigid and helps to insulate from any surrounding noise. The moving parts use specially designed bushes for the whisper quiet performance, and the blades are driven by a powerful 100 watt, 24 volt DC motor for reliable long life operation.