Your car is usually your second biggest investment and like any investment it needs protection

With the effects of weather extremes, tree sap, branches and low flying birds your car needs protecting the same way you protect yourself… with the house! Your car gets its own economical, functional roof under the protection of an Opal Carport.

Does your home have distinct character lines? Our design consultants will take these features and duplicate them in the design of your new carport. Our ability to design and build carports that enhance the existing home is what sets Opal apart from the rest. We want your carport to look like its part of your home. Opal specialises in many different roofing styles including, Flat, Curved, Gable, Hip End, Gazebo End, Heritage, and Dutch Gable.

We offer our carport building services in the areas such as Minto, Bow Bowing, St. Andrews, Minto Heights, Raby, Eagle Vale, Campbelltown, Eschol Park, Woodbine, Ingleburn, Macarthur, Camden, Liverpool, Denham Court.